Alright ladies-
There was an incident today that needs special attention. As I was enetering the restroom at my workplace today, another woman was walking towards the bathroom door. Seeing we were both going to the same general place, this woman decides she's going to strike up conversation.

"What about this snow, huh?"
(This of course, being in reference to the 6 inches of snow we just received)

"Yeah" (my response)

At this point, I am entering my stall, and she hers. This is where I expect the conversation to end. But no.

(The following comments are yelled by said woman through 2 stalls)
"Yeah, took me a while to dig out my car." and "Just think of all those poor people who have to walk because of the bus strike..."

At this point, I'm wrapping up my duties before they should be - just to get out and avoid further awkward stall banter.

People, this should never happen. It's wrong. Unless you are (at least) an aquaintance of the person you're planning on shouting to in the john, DON'T DO IT. I now avoid this woman at all costs, to avoid any more of this.

PSA from JMB!


You know what I realized today? Why is it that someone who looks crazy almost always is? Has anyone ever really run into a crazy looking normal person? I mean, sure, there are lots of normal looking crazy people, but - SERIOUSLY. I think this needs to have a formal investigation.

Also, I had a dream last night that I was dating a guy who collected body parts and donated them to hospitals for money. He looked kinda like Dave Navarro.


Alright kids, I'm back in action. A little over three years later and here I am...done with school and working for the man doing website relocating. and the news of the day? BRAID IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER FOR A REUNION TOUR. OH MY GOD. Check it here....www.braidtour2004.com. I can't speak of anything else anymore. I think I may have just wet myself.


Sorry I haven't updated lately, been super busy with finals and school and the like. Doesn't matter much though, me thinks, since this page and the dencity server suck very much so. So, this is simply an update to test to see if I can get the dern thing working again.


Grr...I dunno what's screwing up, dencity.com or blogger, but somebody's gonna have to box me cause somethin's screwin up.
The paper is finished, hallelujah. AND, my entire apartment is squeeky-clean! How exciting is that? Quite exciting, when you consider my fun level. I only have a few weeks left of school, and even though I have no "finals" per-se, I am kind of freaking. I think it's out of habit, you know?

Amanda and AJ are coming up this weekend, as well as a select few other kids...so the weekend should prove to be fun. Lots of holiday shopping I can't afford and late nights, which I also can't afford. Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight. Maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt. Maybe I'll stop using bad sayings from Wayne's World. Nah...



So, it's 2:45am and I haven't started by paper yet.

Oi to the world.


When Bob Nanna said his prize for the drawing was a bit lame...he wasn't kidding! No offence taken...not like I came up with a cure for cancer or anything. I think a menu for a Chicago restraunt is good enough for me.

Since I'm posting, it's obvious that I am still alive. That is good. I had a lot of fun while I was home. Unfortunetly, most of my time I spent with friends and not family. This upset me a bit, but my parents were a lot more. I'll be home again in about 3 weeks anyway, so I'll chill more then. No countdown to occur for that one. Jackie Chan is still alive, although his bowl is another story. I'll clean that when I get time.

Otherwise...hmm...just have a 6-10 page paper to write for my literature class, due tomorrow. Just a rough draft though. No biggie.

Alright, back to class. Ta ta for now.

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